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Desert. Drinking. Debauchery. Detonation.
It’s almost time for us to convoy from Fabulous Lost Vegas out to desert mountains of Arizona for one of our favourite events: Detonation!
Looking for a good time? Come join us out at Uranium Springs, from May 28th – June 3rd.
For more information, visit
See you in the sandwastes!

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Goldie The Nuclear Blonde


Mr. Cross


Out of the Wastes strides a man who personifies all that is upright, decent, and patriotic in this green and glowing – er, growing land.
Mr. Cross, who showed up one day with a contract no one ever remembers seeing before and a bag full of freedom, stands tall and proud as the nights are long, and cold, and dark, and filled with screaming…
Just discount all …

Cynder Sparx


Radium Jane




Neon, the Last Showgirl, from Fabulous Lost Vegas.
If you’ve ever heard about the mysterious tunnels underneath Lost Vegas, then you know where we found this tall drink of radiated water. Born and raised in the long lost city of sin, Neon lived the Vegas dream of becoming a showgirl. But why be in the chorus when you’re born to be the headliner? She was having …



The Ringmaster is the completely trustworthy and morally upright fearless leader of the Fabulous Lost Vegas Nuclear Bombshells. He is the show’s third MC. There is no truth to the rumors that he is the original Mister Big that the others answered to and that he had them quietly removed. His tales of the pre-war United States, passed down through myth and legend, inspire the …



Bunny was raised by wild mutant bunnies since infancy. Hunter Johnny obtained her to be his hunter bunny. Hunter Johnny died saving what was left of Lost Vegas. But before he died, he left Bunny in the care of the Ringmaster. Warning, Bunny is a cannibal, so do not stick any of your extremities in her mask she will bite. She has been with the …

Betty Noire


Elegance is not a word that often comes to mind out in the sandwastes, but that is precisely what the Nuclear Bombshells’ Ringmaster found with Betty Noire.  This vintage kitten brought him salvation from the radiation, supplying food, shelter and, most importantly, booze.  She brings about a classic style rarely seen anymore on stage, while still managing to say “FUCK” every 30 seconds off of …

Kevin MX1


General Steel Python


No one truly knows who he was or where he came from, but the General rode in with his gang and took control of the Hoover Dam shortly after the dust settled. He believes that there is no problem that can’t be solved with superior firepower, and controls all the remaining power and water to the remnants of Lost Vegas. By exerting his “shoot first …